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École primaire Arundel Elementary School

5 School Street, Arundel, QC, J0T 1A0
Tel. 819 687-9159 or 450 621-5600 ext 5100 Fax 819 687-2313
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Governing Board


2020 - 2021 AES Governing Board

Chair: Marie-Andree Touchette

Parent Representative and Delegate to Central Parents' Committee: Sean Palardy

Parent Representatives:  Kevin Odell, Marc-Andree Paiement, Sean Palardy

Parent Alternates: Jennifer Dwyer and Erin McCarthy

Teacher Representatives: Chelsey Campbell, Susan Cunningham and Veronique Giraudon

Staff Representative: Jill Earle

Principal: Brent Nadeau


Governing Board Minutes:


Next Meeting - December 7, 2020 4pm (please request meeting link if you wish to attend)



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