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École primaire Arundel Elementary School

5 School Street, Arundel, QC, J0T 1A0
Tel. 819 687-9159 or 450 621-5600 ext 5100 Fax 819 687-2313
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Dumoulin, Josee  Student Support
Guimont, Judith  Student Support
Pharand, Patsy  Teacher
Earle, Jill
(Ext 5100)
 Administration Secretary
Nadeau, Brent Administration Principal
Lemaire, Anik French Teacher
Cant, Maureen Phys. Ed. Teacher
Fyles, William Resource Teacher
Campbell, Crystal Cycle 1 Teacher
Cunningham, Susan Cycle 1 Teacher
Giraudon, Veronique Cycle 2 Teacher
Andrews, Tasha Cycle 3 Teacher
Crone, Karen Janitorial Janitor
Campbell, Chelsey Kindergarten Teacher
Hellstrom, Kaitlyn Kindergarten Teacher
Stacy, Bolos Kindergarten Teacher
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